Wednesday, 25 March 2009


…and so, under skies scraped by metal and glass we met for a second time to do battle in the wastelands of the city. Gathering at Liverpool Street we were granted an escort of the City’s finest policemen and women who believed that mischief might be afoot. Ignoring their sniffer dogs and camcorders we marched down to Bishopsgate, split into two teams and went to establish bases.

The first half began tentatively, with the Red Team slow to organise effective offensive tactics but the Black Team swelling the red team’s gaol. Some ninjas on the Black Team disguised themselves amongst a group of tourists getting shown around the Red Team’s base and leapt out to grab their flag, managing to run it to no man’s land before the red defence managed to wrestle it back. Meanwhile, the Red Team’s strikeforce was making repeated and valiant attempts upon the Black base, but to no avail.

Dissent echoed around the Reds’ swollen gaol and prisoners began to organise. Holding hands, they daisy-chained a line of prisoners out of the gaol and into the fingertips of a fellow Black player. In the ensuing jailbreak a full thirty Black players were released and, once again using the groups of tourists as human shields, made several attempts on the Red flag, the Red defence only barely keeping their flag safe

The first half ended and everyone made their way back to the No-Mans Land. The score was 0-0, with everything left to play for. The teams swapped territories and set about establishing new bases in gaols with a knowledge of the area gleaned from their own attacks on it.

Play resumed with new tactics hatched and new alliances formed. The Red Team had an initial difficulty finding the Black Team’s base, the Red scouts spending much of their time avoiding Black patrols. Unbeknownst to them, however, the Red Base was under repeated and highly organised attacks by the Black Team. Plans were made, code words were utilised to great effect and the Red Flag was snatched! A fearless and intrepid chase was put up by the Red defenders, but all in vain. The Black team had scored!

The Reds reeled from such a blow and were unable to regain their composure so late in the game. Subsequent attempts on the Black base were scattered, desperate. The victory of the Black Team was complete…

With all heads held high we meandered back to Bishopsgate, police escort still in tow, to trade stories of victory and defeat. In all we reckon we had about 120 players, including latecomers.

Thankyou all for coming and playing. We have plans to organise another game soon and have some ideas for locations, and are also thinking about a trialectic game with three teams and three flags. Let us know what you think.

See you soon



At half time a suggestion was made concerning the rules for tagging and imprisonment of players. It was felt that a defenders ability to tag multiple attackers was hampering gameplay by making a flag too easy to defend
Let it be known hereafter that a defender may only tag one player at a time and must lead them to the gaol for imprisonment. This rule was played through in the second half of the game and we saw that it was good.

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