Friday, 26 June 2009


Sunday, 21 June 2009



We have had our ears to the ground and we have heard that there will be a game of Capture the Flag on Thursday the 25th of June on the South Downs, near the University of Sussex campus.
More details will follow if we get them.
Otherwise, to conduct an adventure, get down to Brighton and start asking Questions.


"Written descriptions can be no more than passwords to this great game"

Guy Debord, Theory of the Derive, 1958

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The CO-RITUS Action Manifesto 1962

Strid, Nash, Kunzelmann, Fjord, Thorsen, O'Brien and Marion

1. By this protest the artists are taking over their natural field of activity.

2. We encourage artists from other fields: Poets, Musicians, Architects to take over their natural field of activity: Snatch the television, the theatres, the radio, the townplans out of the hands of the cultural industry and the cultural entrepreneurs employed by the state.

3. We demand the inner city to be laid out as field of activity for artists. All department stores are cleared out and the market halls are made into living workshops, and the window displays are used for detournements.

4. We praise Willhelm Freddie and his fight for artistic freedom. We demand a city filled with public orgies.

5. Now we have begun with Montergade. But we demand the possibility of expansion. We demand the city enchanted. Every modern city has become a means of supressing the possibilities of human play.

6. For renewed work with the inner city we demand that architects and artists study the unitarian urbanism and start experimental work with incident architecture.